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Scott Pellegrom - Clinician

Scott Pellegrom is one of the hottest rising stars of today. Since performing live at the age of five, he has transformed from a natural born rhythmnist to clinician and educator. Scott finds rhythm in everything that surrounds him and currently inspires over fifty students with his world renowned talent.

Scott currently performs 30-40 clinics per year. Scott can be seen in Modern Drummer Magazine, DRUM magazine, and on MTV 1, 2, and 3. Scott has made appearances at the Cape Breton International Drum Festival 2009 and 2010, Tiger Bill's Drum Beat Fest 2009, Fun With Drum Clinic in 1999, 2005 and 2008, Portland Vintage Drum Show 2004, and Bass Up in Atlanta.

You can also find Scott performing and demonstrating products at NAMM and PASIC events every year. In 2006 he was in the Guitar Center Drum Off Champion for Michigan, the Midwest and North Region of the United States and the National Runner Up in the Country out of 5000+ competitors.

Scott is currently working on his debut album, instructional DVD and instructional book. He's also working on creating and producing his own products.  Check out: Scott Pellegrom